I have been into all types of games since the Atari was popular, and I remember playing those goofy little black and white handheld football games for hours (why? I have no clue...I wanted to win!).  When I got my first Nintendo, I found the game, Final Fantasy, at a garage sale. It had no box, no instruction manual, and I was a 6 year old kid who probably had just learned how to read.  This started the never ending RPG adventure that still lives in me today.

Now, I have a wife, triplets, and a bonus baby that came along 7 years later, and still have the gaming passion.  I want to share my passion with them, and you all.  The items I select to put on this site will be quality collectibles that other families can share with their loved ones.  

Villain Gaming is a family oriented, local business here in Texas, specializing mainly in comics, trading cards and board games.  My hobby of more than 30 years has finally transformed into something I can share through this site.  I want to not only provide a stock of comics, great games and collectibles, but also collaborate with you all to come up with a list of the greatest games and comics of all time!

I believe games promote good mental health, companionship, and teach friendly competition.  They allow a group of people to band together to defeat a dragon and loot its hoard, or strategically undermine one another to become the ultimate villain!  Whatever adventure you choose, it is sure to provide hours of fun, and memories that will last a lifetime.


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