Journey Into Mystery #6

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A muscleman gets pistol-whipped and winds up in the hospital. He overhears a conversation between two doctors about a serum that toughens the body so he decides to take it and turn to crime with his powerful body. After he collapses the doctors inform him he has a throat infection that will kill him shortly now that his body is too powerful for medicine to affect.; A thief attacks a man who always carries a box around on his shoulder and kills him. When he gets the box open, he is startled to see that he has killed one head but not the other and runs into the path of an oncoming train. His intended victim gets up and procures a box for the dead head.; A hesitant professor finally decides to kill the man who's moving in on his wife, but he waits a little too long and the other man pushes him off the cliff instead so that he can marry the professor's wife.; A female ghost acquires pictures of men from potential suitors and throws darts into them to inflict pain and death upon the men in revenge for a man who once jilted her.

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