Journey Into Mystery #10

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Alien warlord Tim Boo Ba is master of all he surveys but is wiped out in a torrential flood when an Earth boy drips water on the small scale model that is Tim Boo Ba's home planet.; A group of smugglers find themselves aboard the fabled ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman.; Universal rejection makes a would-be actor's mind snap and so he rents a tuxedo with his last few dollars and does a presentation on a building ledge before a gathered crowd until he makes the leap that will ensure his fame.; Agents of a foreign power grab the wrong man when they attempt to kidnap a scientist working on a secret project. The man they took escaped from an asylum and he releases germs that turn his captors into apes.; Fear of a notorious plague sweeps through a futuristic society, but instead of a virus, the source of the "plague" is a handgun.

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