PREVIEWSworld Pullbox!

We are excited to announce we have set up PREVIEWSworld Pullbox to give ya'll the power to create your own subscription lists, find hot items, and order the incentive ratio variants you want at a great price!  

Its very easy to use, and once you sign up as a customer with us here at Villain Gaming, we will automatically send you an invite to sign up and access your Pullbox.

Pre-FOC items are discounted at 30%, and post FOC items are 20% when invoiced prior to shipping.

Incentive Ratio Variants are ordered as follows:

  • 1:25 Variant requested, must have 12 (50%) copies of qualifying covers at MSRP (A,B,C,etc.  not ratios!)
  • 1:50 Variant requested, must have 25 copies of qualifying covers ordered at MSRP.  This will also unlock a 1:25 ratio variant as well.

Here is a video explanation of how the process works, except instead of coming into the shop, you shop online :)

Any questions, feel free to respond here or shoot me an email at